Amstel Plumbing has done amazing work for my home and a friend of mine. I had a leak in the main water line of my home under one of my front beds. My wife told me while I was out of town. I called James and he answered immediately and made a plan to come take care of it the next day. He spent the whole day digging in my front bed, found the lead and fixed the leak. He then filled in the whole. Two days later I’m leaving my house and he is there re-mulching the bed (something I was not charged for). I’ve never met a contractor in any field this dedicated to the success of their customer. This is a small family business (uncle and nephew), and their care for the customer and community is incredible. I would 10 out of 10 recommend them and I will be calling them with any future service needs. My friend had a similar experience with James working in his exterior pool restroom.